Do you love the thrill of a roller coaster?  Can't seem to go high enough or fast enough?  Turn or twist enough?  My son, Ryan, and I went on YouTube in search of the tallest roller coasters in the world.  While YouTube is not the most official source for the info, some of the videos really took us on a ride!  You may want to strap yourself in for some of these coasters!

The first video is actually from 2009, but it's our favorite. The videographer takes us all over the world as he counts down his top ten tallest coasters. The cameraman gives you a front seat view of rides from Germany, Japan and the U.S at heights ranging from 72 meters to 139 meters.

Now, if you're looking for something a little different, Six Flags Magic Mountain in California is coming up with a couple of new roller coasters for 2011 which may take you higher and faster - and backwards, yikes!

And, here's a coaster my husband, Jerry, and daughter, Jenna, rode on last year during our vacation to Hershey Park. (No, not our video though.) Check out the Fahrenheit from the front seat!

And, finally last October, what's being billed as the World's fastest roller coaster opened at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

Special Thanks to my son, Ryan, for helping me out with this story!