Last night's Cleveland Cav's win ended a 143-pro-season championship drought (including AFL/NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB).  The city is alive, and Lebron was able to finish on top after leaving his hometown for a few seasons with the Heat.  What an incredible game!

Getty Images / Ronald Martinez

There are a lot of similarities between Cleveland (aka Believeland) and the Queen City. They are both blue collar towns that have re-built and re-branded, grown into tourist destinations and, until yesterday, have a history of sports disappointments. So who's next?

You don't need me to point out that we've had quite the drought ourselves when it comes to championships.

We've gone 101 pro-seasons without a championship win.

The Sabres lost twice in the Stanley Cup finals, most recently in 1999 with Brett Hull's controversial triple-overtime goal in Game 6 for the Stars win.

We don't need the reminder that the Bills lost four consecutive Superbowls (90-93).

Our last championship was before the AFL/NFL merger, back in 1965 when the Bills had their second consecutive AFL title.  It wasn't real pretty. We scored only one offensive touchdown, powered by three field goals from Pete Gogolak. But we haven't seen that beauty in a long, long time.

It's our turn.  Yes?