As we learn more about Colorado massacre suspect James Holmes we learn of a scientist, with potential, who pursued a graduate program even as he assembled weaponry he would allegedly use in Friday's massacre.
According to Yahoo James Holmes planned the attack with "calculation and deliberation," police said Saturday, receiving many of the items used through the mail after being ordered on the internet.

Investigators in Aurora spent hours Saturday removing explosive materials from iHolmes' suburban Denver apartment.
According to law enforcement sources the apartment was rigged with jars of liquids, explosives and chemicals that were booby trapped to kill "whoever entered it,".

Accoring to the Aurora Police Chief

"He had a high volume of deliveries," Oates said. "We think this explains how he got his hands on the magazine, ammunition," he said, as well as the rigged explosives in his apartment.
"What we're seeing here is evidence of some calculation and deliberation," Oates added.

Inside the apartment, FBI Special agent James Yacone said bomb technicians neutralized what he called a "hypergolic mixture" and an improvised explosive device containing an unknown substance. There also were multiple containers of accelerants.
"It was an extremely dangerous environment," Yacone said at a news conference, noting that anyone who walked in would have sustained "significant injuries" or been killed.

In a resume on, Holmes listed himself as an "aspiring scientist" and said he was looking for a job as a laboratory technician.
The resume goes on to paint a picture of a brilliant young man with tons of potential, while Federal, State and local investigators try to pin-down the motive behind the deadly incident.

The shooting was the worst in the U.S. since the Nov. 5, 2009, attack at Fort Hood, Texas. An Army psychiatrist was charged with killing 13 soldiers and civilians and wounding more than two dozen others.