A Clarence doctor has been indicted on 114 counts related to opioids.

Dr. Eugene Gosy is charged with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, unlawful distribution of narcotics, health care fraud, and conspiracy to commit health care fraud.

The FBI has been investigating Gosy for the past two years, while documents state that the alleged crimes date back to 2006.

Authorities says that nearly 300 unlawful prescriptions came out of Eugene Gosy's office on a daily basis, and he instructed his staff to forge his signature for prescriptions while he was out of town.

Federal authorities believe that Gosy was prescribing millions of class two, three and four narcotics to patients that did not have a legitimate medical need, in exchange for a profit.

Dr. Gosy is technically still able to practice medicine, but is expected to surrender on Wednesday.

If convicted, he could spend up to 20 years behind bars, and pay $1-million in fines.