My first job was going door to door selling Buffalo Newspaper subscriptions. As a 13 year old making 15 bucks a week, I was rockin'! Well, these days, door to door sales is shunned, especially in Cheektowaga where many complaints came to the police dispatcher’s office regarding aggressive, pushy and overbearing representatives from a company called ESCO.

WIVB TV reported:

Cheektowaga requires any person doing door-to-door business to get a “Solicitors, Hawking and Peddling License”, and shortly after the company obtained its solicitors licenses on Thursday, the complaints started pouring in.

Personally I did switch to an alternate energy company when I lived in Utica, New York and my bills did go down for the first few months, but somehow my energy bills soon sky rocked! I've learned that the fewer middle men, the lower the cost for a service.