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How Comfortable Do You Feel With Your Partner?
Do you ever wonder how long it takes for a person to feel comfortable with their partner? New research says "on average"  it takes a couple 7 and a half months before they reach the "comfort zone".
A new study of 2,000 coupled up Americans found that the biggest signs you’ve enter…
We Might Be Teaching Our Kids To Read The Wrong Way
So, remember your kindergarten room, your cubbies, your nap place, and then yes, learning your ABCs. The pressure of putting letters together with those crazy vowels in the center and sounding out words.  In front of the class, no less!
Well according to a great site on parenting,…
Ten Affordable Beach Getaways To Cure Your Winter Blues
How are you holding up?  The cold weather, then the drizzling cold rain, sometimes mixed with snow.  How about going to someplace warmer, and actually on a budget.
Well, Money magazine has some ideas.
1)  Go right before or after the priciest seasons, so next month or even Apr…

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