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A Big Fat Biking Adventure, Wanna Come Play?
You've seen some hipsters riding them about Buffalo. Those big tire Fat Bikes.  The bikes sort of bounce in the snow and look like so much fun.  The bikes have dune-buggy tires and yet have a mountain bike feel.  Here's a couple fun video to inspire...
Never Do These Things While Pumping Gas
Everyday someone visits a gas station, at least once a week it's probably you. There are things you automatically know NOT to due when getting gas. Don't smoke, don't leave your car running to name just two.
Snow Roll Xl Is Saturday, Bundle, Bike, And Raise Money
Only in Buffalo, would we have a fundraising bike ride in the winter!  Yep.  It's called the Snow Roll.  You still have time to call up friends and make a wild day of it, tomorrow.
It's this weekend, Saturday the 19th.  Basically, bring your bike and meet other bike…

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