That's not just a question of taste or aesthetics, by the way. They're firing people in England for wearing too much make-up to work!

The woman pictured above is Francine Siddaway. The 28-year-old was fired by Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, England, after wearing make-up said to be very similar to the photo for over three years. Suddenly, though, she was instructed to tone down her at-work look, or get the boot. She didn't, they did.

Siddaway was employed as a housekeeper, so she's puzzled about the sudden firing. She claims she wore her distinctive make up to her interview, and concerns over her look were never mentioned. Suiddaway adds that her make-up isn't a safety issue and doesn't interfere with her cleaning duties. She admits that she signed a formal "dress code" policy form when she was first hired, but doesn't understand why the make-up issue didn't come up then.

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