Busta Rhymes is being sued by his former chauffeur. A new lawsuit alleges that Busta Rhymes bullied his driver, David Jones, and cheated him out of his salary as well as overtime pay. Jones is seeking $236,064 in damages plus legal fees.

David Jones served as Busta Rhymes' driver from October 2014 to February 2016. Jones' employment came to an end when was fired because he did not wash the "chosen automobile of the day" according to the lawsuit. Rhymes allegedly said Jones messed up his son's birthday as a result. The suit states that Rhymes shoved the driver and threatened to dock his pay during this incident.

"It doesn't matter how rich and famous you are, you should pay your employees what they're owed and you've got no right to insult or push them around," Jones' lawyer James Montgomery told The New York Daily News.

The lawsuit says that Busta Rhymes and David Jones agreed to an annual salary of $100,000, but the plaintiff claims that he was only paid $85,753. Jones worked seven days a week with a shift of 2pm to 5am.

The driver also accuses Busta Rhymes of age discrimination. Jones, who is 56 years old, asserts that his unwillingness to speed up while driving or run reds lights would routinely result in comments like "You drive like an old man” and "You driving your age" from the rapper.

"These remarks were repeated two to three times a week, were intentionally hurtful, upset the plaintiff and injured his feelings," the suit says.

Busta Rhymes has not commented on the lawsuit at this time.

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