Buffalo or Rochester? It seems like a no brainer to us. Okay, yes, they have the garbage plate, and that is pretty awesome, but HELLO – beef on weck, loganberry, sponge candy, WINGS! Plus Buffalo craft beer, we don't need to go on do we?

We know nowhere is better than Buffalo – from our Cheerios smell to the Buffalo Bills the Sabres, upcoming waterfront, concerts, amazing hiking and water activities – Buffalo is awesome.

But we thought we'd let things get a little more scientific to see which city is better. So we headed over to AreaVibes.com to compare livability, amenities, cost of living, crime, education and employment and find out which city takes the gold.

  • Livability

    Cost of living, local amenities, graduation rates and income per capita? Buffalo and Rochester both have a 71, but AreaVibes ranks Rochester as the winner.

    Winner: Rochester (boo)

  • Amenities

    Both Buffalo and Rochester have an A+ for this one, but Buffalo is a little higher. ]

    Winner: Buffalo

  • Cost of Living

    Buffalo is 11 percent LOWER than Rochester, according to AreaVibes.

    Winner: Buffalo

  • Crime

    F! Buffalo and Rochester both receive F's! But the overall crime rate in Rochester is 1.2 times LESS than Buffalo. Buffalo has approximately 6,046 crimes per 100,000 people, according to AreaVibes.

    Winner: Rochester

  • Buffalo 2, Rochester 2

  • Education

    The high school graduation rate in Buffalo is 76 percent compared to 73 percent in Rochester.

    Winner: Buffalo

  • Employment

    The income per capita in Rochester is 7 percent lower than the income per capita in Buffalo. Plus remember how cost of living in Buffalo is less?

    Winner: Buffalo


    Buffalo City Hall (Getty Images)