Can you believe it?! Buffalo sits atop a very impressive list! Travel and Leisure posted America's top 30 favorite cities to visit (as voted on by their readers) and this list isn't throwing out random towns or cities you've never heard of, they're legit!

San Antonio came in second and Honolulu came in at 30th! Those cities alone you would think on a national scale would beat out Buffalo on name recognition! Some others cities to make the list include Pittsburgh, Houston, Boston, New York City, New Orleans and San Diego.

So what was the draw to Buffalo and why do people think it's so great? According to Travel and Leisure:

The upstate New York city staged a huge upset this year, in part by scoring very well in one category: people think it’s been wildly underrated. Indeed, Buffalo impressed readers with everything from its affordability to its surprising, high-end dining. Go to whiskey-infused steakhouse Marble and Rye, or chef Adam Goetz’s Craving, which is lauded for inventive dishes like short ribs braised in root beer. As of this summer, the hot place to stay will be the 68-room Curtis Hotel, in a 1913 building, which will offer the city’s first all-weather 'urban hot springs.' One category where Buffalostill has room to impress readers? Its weather. "

Little do they know how mild our winter was last year! How about that? We do have a wonderful growing downtown and surrounding areas! The craft beer scene is on the rise as well and the waterfront areas. The list of things to do on a daily basis grows on a daily basis.