Grab a tissue because two New York cities are now on the top 10 list of the worst cities for allergies and that is nothing to sneeze at, Buffalo and Syracuse.

According to an article recently published by the Weather Channel:

Though the number one spot may have stayed the same from last year, the rest of the top 10 saw a shakeup. Syracuse, New York, climbed to third place on this year’s list after ranking 20th in 2015. Providence, Rhode Island, and Buffalo, New York, also make appearances in this year’s top 10.

The rankings were determined by looking at the 100 largest metro regions in the U.S. and analyzing three key pieces of data; pollen scores, the amount of allergy medications per patient and the number of allergy specialists per patient.

So just when you though Spring allergy problems were a southern thing, it no longer is.

Here are some of the Worst Cities for Spring Allergies:

1) Jackson, MS
2) Memphis, TN
3) Syracuse, NY
4) Louisville, KY
5) McAllen, TX

9) Buffalo, NY

So I guess Buffalo is now known for more than just a lot of snow in the weather world.

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