I predict that more and more companies will put family in front of profits and WILL be CLOSED on Thanksgiving but will be open Black Friday with some incredible deals, mostly on televisions.

Consumer Reports says about the TV deals:

While a lot of TV deals in the past were short-lived doorbuster specials on bare-bones models from lesser-known brands, recently we've seen major players step up with special deals of their own, sometimes for Black Friday "derivative" models you won't find at other times of the year. That means that on November 27 we're expecting to see some great deals on larger, better-featured televisions, too

Consumer Reports also predicts that more and more retailers are going to match the online and in-store price, which is great for the consumer like me that wants to walk out of the sore with the item right now!

Keep an eye on your social media outlets for Black Friday deals as that too is a trend on the rise. Take note of the deal before you shop and get ready for some great deals this year.

Consumer confidence is up and the economy is doing quite well making the forecast for this year's holiday season to be a happy one, especially on Black Friday 2015.

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