It's no question we live in a digital society.  Hey, every day, I'm badgering you to follow me on Twitter (@LauraDaniels961), but I promise it's for your own good!  I like to entertain you after our time in the morning together is over, and I also like to share cool stuff that's coming up on the show!  (And, frankly, my new Twitter account is lonely.)

It's not just social media that's everywhere in our lives.  There are surveillance cameras on every corner, in every store, in every restaurant.  There are filters and monitors on our email at work.  There's a bit of "Big Brother" everywhere.  Now, including our cars, and our eating utensils!

There's a new in-car warning system in development that lets you know when you're going too fast, using things like radar, sonar, and lasers.  But it doesn't just politely say, "Please slow down."  It says "YOU WOULD DIE IF YOU CRASHED RIGHT NOW."  Talk about intimidating!

Getty Images, Matthias Clamer

Add to the mix the new $99 fork that judges what you're eating!  The "Smart Fork" weighs how much food you're putting ON it, and how many forkfuls you're eating per minute...and if you're eating too much or too fast, it buzzes!  I already judge myself FAR too much to have my silverware tell me I'm oinkin' out!

HapiLab via

To tell you the truth, I don't know which is more terrifying!  I CAN tell you I'll never buy a talking scale!!!