You've probably heard me talk about it before – I have an unhealthy relationship with my FitBit.  I'm obsessed with it, actually. Even though I rarely hit my 10k steps for the day, if I DON'T have it on, I have an incredible fear of missing having steps counted. It makes my skin itch when I have to take it off to charge.

Our weekend warrior, Ken Casey, and I have a weekly FitBit challenge, and he routinely SKUNKS my butt (I do more weight-training than I do treadmill/stairs/elliptical, so not all is lost, KEN!).

Ken actually shared this article with me, and ALL of it rings SO true (especially numbers six and eight).  If you're even remotely competitive, know that this little thing will gradually take over your life. Ok, maybe that's dramatic. But you will be surprised how much mental real estate it takes up. In a good way.

This being said, walking is indeed one of the best, and easiest, forms of exercise.  So now that the weather has FINALLY turned, WNYers are slowly starting to emerge from our cocoons. If I were to fly a REALLY high drone over WNY on its first few sunny days, I feel like it would look like an ant hill, just as hundreds of the little creatures are starting to head out to start their work.

Before I refill the air in my bike tires, walking my little Tonawanda neighborhood will most certainly be added to my repertoire (WATCH OUT, KEN....)

What's your favorite place to take a walk in your neighborhood?  What's the best place for a nice long walk in WNY?  Can you bring your dog with you?

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Here are a few I found in the area: