This year is flying by but this past week felt really long.  Bills on Monday Night, an election that seems to still be going...and that was all before Humpday!  It was a long week so we are going to make it easy on you and recap anything you may have missed from the show this week.  Enjoy!

Tony P's Movember progress is moving along. Check out the difference between Monday and Friday!


The Bills did the Mannequin Challenge and then we followed suit with the MIX96 version.  Then the Bills lost to the Seahawks and the Kickers wife sent a threatening tweet!


Tuesday was Election day and Professor Val gave her students the opportunity to vote.  Then Val was upset with a different election that took place - The Toy HOF.


To see everything we did check out our 'Because I Said So' page at  See you next week!

Val & Tony have the Hatchimal in hand!