This was a HUGE hot-button for you this morning, and we can certainly see why!

In case you missed it, a 38-year-old named Meghann Foye has a new book called 'Meternity'.  While childless herself, she pushes for EVERYONE to get time off for maternity leave -- even if they've never had kids.  She says it's only fair.

In an interview with the New York Post, she said all her friends with kids get time off, whether when the baby is first born, and maternity leave happens, or as the kid is older, having kids is the only path that provides for flexibility at work (IE coworkers show up late for work because of the kids...coworkers leaving early/taking half days because of the get the idea).


Naturally, she didn't make many friends with this article coming out.  There was actually SO much backlash, she cancelled an interview on Good Morning America on Friday.

I've got my own feelings on this...but I'd rather share YOUR feelings, because there was SO much action on the phones, on our text line, and from Facebook!  Here are a few:

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  • Donna / Buffalo: I am appalled by this writers premise I work with a number of thirty and twenty something mothers who work hard and juggle their home life so admirably I think they should have longer maternity leaves Like France where they have 2 years paid The maternity leave is a bonding time with new baby and not long enough.
  • Sue / Buffalo: This woman has no idea. Yes maternity leave is sweet but also stressful. It's not a vacation. It's not a relaxation from life. It's helping to raise a new life. Feeding, changing, sleep deprived, loving, cuddling etc a new little joy. Sometimes without help. Your husband does not get time off with you. Therefore your trying to juggle sometimes more than one child and house work. If you want time off use your vacation
  • Melissa / Clarence: She can have 3 months off too. It is called Family Medical Leave Act. She can care for her elderly parents. Her spouse. Or have a medical issue of her own that prevents her from working. The problem in this country is we do not see pregnancy and child birth as medically related. We have the shortest leave policies of any developed nation.
  • Rae / Buffalo: I'm sure the woman that wrote the article was sipping on some chardonnay and she hit save/send after a few glasses, but when she woke up in the morning....
  • Michelle / Williamsville: Ugh! That "ME-ternity" thing drives me crazy!!! That leave is for women to heal from either PUSHING A SMALL HUMAN OUT OF THEIR HOO-HA or from being CUT OPEN AND HAVING A SMALL HUMAN PULLED FROM YOUR INNARDS!!! She wants a leave? It's called personal leave. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Plus... Maternity leave falls under family MEDICAL leave. How is this me-terniry time medical related? 2 completely separate things, imo. Sorry, this got me all worked up, lol.
  • Ken Williamsville: Its just like the arguements Ive heard at many work places with smokers. Smokers take 10 minute breaks all the time, but if a nonsmoker just goes and stands outside and relaxes everyone loses their mine


Terri Nelson:

After hearing all comments on "me leave". I just want to say something. In the US maturity leave is a medical leave and once you doctor determines you are cleared medically you may return to work just as in any medical situation. Countries with longer paid medical leave, such as Canada, do not do it for ease of the parents. My understanding is they view children as a valuable resource. The children will one day be the adults that run the nation. Most doctors and physiologists agree the first months and year of life can be a strong determining factor psychological development of humans. Allowing parents time to stay home provides ample time for children to bond as well as develop a strong sense of safety and security. Furthermore reducing the stress of new parents from a chaotic schedule and lack of sleep will reduce the stress the child feels in that first year. I realize this is not always possible but there are many countries that realize this and have made the decision to invest in it. It is not done for the parent but for the child and the nation has whole. In less developed nations parents often brig their children to work with them because they have no other option, non the less their child is with them. As far as parents that use their children as an excuse, I am sure if hey didn't have children they would just find another one.

Erin Swiatowy:

about the maternity about deaths in the family? Do people who haven't had to attend funerals want their fair time off too? LOL