A newly released "Consumer Reports" Survey shows fewer people are planning to get a flu shot this year -- just one year after the H1N1 pandemic.  Researchers found out of 15-hundred participants only 37-percent plan to get vaccinated this year.  Around 30-percent say they are definitely not getting a flu shot and 31-percent are still undecided.  Among those skipping the flu shot this year, 44-percent say its because of concerns over side effects.  Forty-one-percent are concerned with safety and 45-percent say last year's fear over the pandemic was blown out of proportion.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone over the age of six-months-old get a flu shot.  The CDC says last year about 270-thousand people were hospitalized for the flu and more than 12-thousand died.  More than 12-hundred children were among the fatalities.