14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer of Amherst took his own life after being bullied for years. Now there's an online petition aimed at stopping bullying called "Jamey's Law."

The Williamsville North teen's tragic death has left many Western New Yorkers heartbroken, and grabbed the attention of the nation. Rodemeyer's story had made national headlines this week, being featured everywhere from Anderson Cooper to all three network nightly newscasts. Even his idol, Lady Gaga, has been tweeting about his death.

While Amherst Police continue to investigate the matter, one teen thinks people who bully others should be punished. That's why Brittany Lavonier has started an online petition asking lawmakers to enact an anti-bullying law otherwise known as "Jamey's Law." Click here if you would like to sign the petition.

Jamey's parents and sister appeared on Anderson Cooper this week: