If you've ever been in a city that has Uber, you know how incredibly convenient it is to use.

Aside from convenience, it also allows people to work on their own time, pick their own hours and make a little extra money.

Push a button on your phone; and using GPS, the nearest Uber driver available arrives quickly, and no cash is ever exchanged thanks to the built-in payment service on the app.

While Buffalo once supported Lyft (a similar service), some extra red-tape (thanks, New York State) took it away. Many have fought to get it back on the legislative floor; and in my opinion, this statistic alone should push it to the forefront as the summer season approaches:

Within ONE MONTH of Uber being available, the average city saw a DROP in fatal car crashes by 62 percent.

Fatal crashing involving drunk drivers?  Went down an impressive 75 percent.  WITHIN ONE MONTH.

The study took data from 150 cities, comparing fatal crashes before and after Uber arrived. Research confirms what responsible drivers have suspected: it shows people are choosing to take Uber instead of driving drunk, driving while sleepy or any other reason they don't feel like driving (airport runs, etc.).

In addition, 18 percent fewer people were arrested for DUI's within a month.

Come on, Buffalo, let's get on board NOW!