There is nothing worse than a lost dog or cat. It is devastating to think your best friend is lost and alone and possibly hurt. WNY Lost & Found Pets Facebook page has cats and dogs from all over (lost and found) and hoping to be reunited with their owners.

Here are just a few current posts of dogs and cats that have been found around Western New York and are just waiting to be reunited with their owners.

This dog was found in Depew and posted to the WNY Lost & Found Pets page yesterday:

Meanwhile this little one was found on Highgate:

This cat has been a stray in the North Tonawanda area for some time:

And this little beagle was found in Royalton on Route 77 yesterday:

This dog was found on 18th and Michigan in Niagara Falls:

Then there is this big girl found in Busti on Big Tree Road on August 5th:

And this cute cat was found in Buffalo:

Finally this pooch was found in Kenmore on East Hazletine and taken to the West Seneca Shelter: