recently published an article about ten things that are dishwasher safe to wash. Many of these things you take for granted and probably seldom if not ever wash.

Bacteria is a huge problem in American homes and regular cleaning is essential to keeping our families safe and healthy. Here are five things you probably never think to wash.

Glass Globes from Lights Fixtures

Does your room seem a bit on the dark side? It may be that your glass globes need a cleaning. Put them in the dish wash on the top rack but spread them out because the glass is fragile.

Plastic Toys

If you have an infant who loves to chew on his or her toys than you'll definitely want to wash those toys on a regular basis. Babies are often picking toys up off the floor and putting them in their mouth. Wash the toys weekly or even daily if they get heavy use.

Pet Bowls and Toys

The pet dish is often overlooked when it comes to cleaning dishes. Bacteria can build up on the dish getting you and your pet sick. Some say you can run the pet dish right along with your own dishes but I'd rather play it safe and run them separately with a sanitizing rinse.

Kitchen Sponges and Brushes

One of the most bacteria ridden items in your kitchen is the sponge because it is usually wet and never allowed to dry completely. Place the sponge once a week into the dish washer along with your regular wash. The temperature of the wash will eliminate most of the bacteria. If you're in a hurry you can always get the sponge damp, wrap it in a paper towel and place it in the microwave for 30 seconds. The steam from the water will kill most of the germs.

Personal Care Items

What's the dirtiest thing you put in your mouth everyday? the answer is your toothbrush. Bacteria can really build up on it and you should make a point to clean it on a regular basis. Your soap dish and nail brushes are also most likely jam packed with bacteria so get them washed as well. Place on the top rack of your dishwasher and run on a normal cycle.

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