OK, first of all, National Leggings Day happened this week. Which means most of my paycheck went to my LuLaRoe dealers. I'm not mad.

I took the kids to a water park/arcade over the weekend, and desperately tried to convince kiddo to buy the literal "Sh*t on a Stick" inflatable for me. He didn't. Instead we scored approximately 32 bouncy balls and two boxes of Nerds.

Since we stayed in a hotel, all house rules about not jumping on the bed (or leaping from bed to bed like a Parkour master) were apparently suspended. But check that form. A+

And I just recently bought a house, so I took little guy couch shopping. We settled on the one where he fit inside the ottoman entirely.

And finally, all is right with the world when it's time again to drown your sorrows in some authentic Irish spirits.