I am so in love with Dr. Oz. I try my best to rush home so I can watch Dr. Oz. If I miss anything my mom will gladly fill me in. In a recent episode he talked about supplements that may help you loose weight. I will eventually get to the store and ask for the Chitosan and Flax seeds. Here are 5 of the bad habits that we may have that contribute to weight gain according to Dr. Oz.

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    Eating Low Fat COOKIES.

    Often these products have added sugar and salt. 100 calorie packs rock if you can only eat just one. I always find myself reaching for the third pack. I would much rather have 6 Oreos and be finished.

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    Distracted Eating

    Eating while your driving, watching television or just standing up over your food are just an example. Have a seat and enjoy your meal in peace.

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    Eating out of the package.

    Place portions in individual snack bags and you'll save money.

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    Artificial Sweeteners

    Try raw sugar or mixing half a Splenda and Sugar.

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    Eating with others

    Eating with friends is always fun. It's easy to get side tracked when the cheese dip is passed at the table.

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