We laughed forever about this...mainly because it told us just HOW out of touch we were!!!

Tell me...how many times in 2016 did you use the term "dumpster fire"?

Go ahead. I'll wait.

Denver Post via Getty Images

Was it ZERO?  Because it was for us too (until this morning, when we tried to cram as many references to it as humanly possible into one hour). But the American Dialect Society (imagine the fun at THEIR Christmas party...) said the Word of the Year for 2016 is, in fact, dumpster fire (why the Dialect Society doesn't realize that's TWO words is beyond us....).

They picked it because it's

...a metaphor for a situation that is out of control or poorly handled.

Naturally, they cite it being used a LOT during the presidential campaign.

Slang word of the year went to "woke" (meaning socially aware or enlightened).

Emoji of the year was fire🔥 ....when we use it to mean "lit" and exciting.

Great, now you have something to talk about with your kids at dinner tonight.