I came across this on Facebook and I had to share it with you!

I love to cook, but sometimes, especially during cold fall weekends, you want to just toss a bunch of stuff into the crock pot, snuggle up under a blanket, and wait for your house to smell amazing!

Last week I made a marathon shopping trip and got ALL the stuff for 6 of the 10 recipes listed.  It took about 2-3 hours of prep time, but I felt SO GOOD after putting these 6 bags in my freezer, knowing a big delicious meal is sitting there waiting for me with little effort required!

I have Ginger-Peach Chicken, Beef Fajitas, Potato and Corn Chowder, Beef Stroganoff, Chicken with Apple and Sweet Potato, and Chicken Alfredo all ready to go!

What's your favorite thing to make in the crock pot at this time of year?  And hey, help me out...YOU pick my dinner for the weekend...